IT Solutions
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IT Solutions


MVP Consulting Plus provides technical services and solutions to government and private industry. We have succeeded in the “Information Technology” specialty due to a broad range of professional offerings relative to selection, skills, training, experience and staff dedication.

More than 100 employees and contractors are currently serving long-term assignments in challenging and complex environments. With a broad range of services & solutions, MVP Consulting Plus is “your most valuable partner.”


Custom Application Development

With a decade of custom application development experience in client/server and web-based applications, MVP Consulting Plus has a track record established and rooted in success…

Our experience spans technologies and is extensive in enterprise applications utilizing .NET,  C#,  and JAVA. Our certified Project Managers, Architects, Developers, and QA professionals are on staff to assist our clients in approaching such issues as business processes that still rely on legacy applications, building mobile applications and creating applications that one cannot obtain from off-the-shelf solutions.

Starting with requirements gathering and user interface design, if necessary, MVP Consulting Plus custom software development process often pairs an AGILE development methodology with the Microsoft Solutions Framework, all driven by best practices.

Delivering custom software solutions in an interactive fashion provides clients with better project insight and greater flexibility to adapt to unforeseen changes in budgets, time lines and business needs. Once deployed, we offer on-going maintenance and support, if so desired.

Data Management & Big Data

Managing one’s data to make better business decisions is critical to any organization’s success in today’s world. MVP Consulting Plus recognized this critical path to success ten years ago as we focused on providing clients with data base management, data warehousing and business intelligence expertise.

As data grows, becomes less structured and becomes more critical for clients to outperform their competitors, we have continued to grow our technical expertise and services around data management. We offer our clients technology agnostic assessments, architectural reviews, design services, implementation expertise, conversion work, integration and migration services, to name just a few.

Over one third of our staff is directly involved in data management services on a daily basis for our clients. Our largest data warehousing/business intelligence project is on going and involves over 11 terabytes of data.

We work only with Best of Breed solution providers in this area including but not limited to: IBM, EMC, Microsoft,  SAS, Oracle, and Information Builders. An example of the types of services and solutions we offer in this space are:

  • Master Data Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Quality
  • Data Security
  • Database Management
  • Data Architecture
  • Big Data
  • Data Analytics

*Big Data and Data Analytics is a fast growing demand area for MVP Consulting Plus, Inc. With data growing at unprecedented rates and unstructured data becoming more valuable and more common, clients are seeking ways to analyze their data faster to capture its business value more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

MVP Consulting Plus can assist you in achieving these results, with or without, existing data warehousing systems. Big Data solutions and services are beneficial for clients with multiple terabytes of data or more and Data Analytics is applicable to all size organizations.

EMC Solutions – Big Data

MVP Consulting Plus is an EMC reseller and partner. Covering their suite of product and cloud-based solutions we offer BackUp and Recovery, Archiving, Storage, Big Data, Data Center Automation, and Content Management solutions to our clients. We also provide services around EMC solutions in the Big Data area which includes EMC GreenPlum and Isilon (storage for Big Data). MVP’s success in providing Data Management services to our clients lends itself to providing more solutions and services as data needs grow, change and demand more storage capacity, virtualization, automation, and analysis. We are proud to be an EMC partner, both to the commercial side and New York State. Please see our partner page and links for more details regarding these solutions.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP systems automate internal and external management information with an integrated software application. The purpose of ERP is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manage the connections to outside stakeholders. At MVP Consulting Plus, we offer our clients best of breed ERP solutions and provide services around those solutions. We currently work with clients on Oracle, PeopleSoft, and Microsoft ERP Solutions. Our consultants are seasoned professionals with both functional and technical expertise. We work closely with our partners in this space to achieve outstanding results in making sure our client’s ERP implementations are successful and cost effective. As one is considering an ERP solution, we offer subject matter expertise and technical architecture expertise to assess needs and systems environments to help clients choose the best ERP solution for their organization.

IBM Infosphere

Our expertise in data management services had aligned us well as an organization with IBM’s InfoSphere solutions around Data Security, Data Quality, Data Integration, Data Masking, Master Data Management, Big Data and Data Analytics.

Being that many of our customers are currently using some of these solutions, we have developed expertise in providing these solutions and offer clients IBM certified resources to assess, implement, configure, integrate, upgrade, maintain and train in these solutions at a reasonable and cost effective price.

We work in concert with IBM premier partners in providing these services and fulfilling our clients’ needs. If you are seeking assistance with this suite of IBM solutions that include Guardium, Optim, Initiate, DataStage, QualityStage,  Netezza, and Streams, MVP Consulting Plus can provide you with the best value for your organization.

We also have numerous IBM certified staff currently working on projects for our clients.

IT Security

We are dedicated to assisting our clients in securing their IT environments to achieve a balance between risks, resources and budgets. Mobility, Wireless Access, Social Media, Cloud Computing and an increasingly savvy hacker and attacker community are all trends that make it harder for businesses to defend and secure their most critical assets.

In addition, increasing compliance regulations make security breaches not only public facing but also very costly. To assist our clients in successfully securing their systems environment, we offer certified security professionals and managed services around:

  • Security and IT Risk Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Incident Response
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Application and Data Security
  • Network Security
  • Security Monitoring

MS Sharepoint & Dynamics AX

As our clients’ needs change, MVP Consulting Plus’ areas of expertise grow and diversify to successfully address our clients’ information technology and business challenges. As an organization, we have worked with the Microsoft technologies since our inception in 2002. Having numerous Microsoft certified staff, we are able to address these service needs in a timely, competent and cost-effective way for our clients.  Our services around MS SharePoint and MS Dynamics AX include assessments, Gap-Fit Analyses, architectural reviews, design services, implementations, customizations, integrations, upgrades, development, administration, support and training.

MS SharePoint is used by 78% of the Fortune 500 companies and is utilized most commonly for search, portal, and enterprise content management. MVP Consulting Plus can assist you in determining how to best leverage this web application platform to enhance or create collaboration efforts, portal use and easily and effectively access and share documents across your organization. Other service areas include integration with other Microsoft solutions and BI capabilities. MVP Consulting Plus’ resources and projects are local and national in scope, providing expertise around this solution.

MS Dynamics AX is Microsoft’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is commonly used by five industries including: Manufacturing, Services, Distribution, Retail and the Public Sector. This solution provides core ERP functioning for financial management, human resources and operational management. By using MS Dynamics AX your people can anticipate and embrace changes so your business can thrive. MVP Consulting Plus offers end to end services associated with this ERP solution. Our architectural resources are local to the Capital District Area in Albany, NY but travel nationally to client locations, if so desired. Other team members are both local and national for these work efforts. We provide both hourly and project-based services around this solution.

As an organization, MVP Consulting Plus is pursuing its Microsoft Certification to showcase its current capabilities and expertise with these solutions and services.


As much as we value our PEOPLE at MVP Consulting Plus, strategic business PARTNERS are just as valuable. Technology is advancing exponentially today, and creating alliances with other cutting edge companies is part of what we do. These relationships allow MVP to offer additional services and solutions that benefit our members.

We partner with some of the most respected and credible Information Technology providers in the marketplace. Industry leaders that have developed state of the art products have agreed to align with us, so we can be your most valuable partner.