Industries & Clients
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Industries & Clients

Industries & Clients

MVP Consulting Plus is your most valuable partner

We adapt to multiple industries and offer an array of solutions and services for each and every client. The reputation we have earned over the last 15 years in the information technology industry, serving hundreds of clients, is the result of many factors.

Primarily, we believe in providing only the best customer service, the latest technology, and placing people first.  Just ask our past and current clients what they think of the challenges we faced and the results we’ve helped them achieve…

Regardless of your “space” in today’s rapidly evolving work place, government or private industry, MVP Consulting Plus is here to serve…

We serve the following key industries, among others.

Industries & Clients


Governmental agencies are at the epicenter of change, and MVP Consulting Plus is the ultimate resource for the needs of public organizations. We have served clients on many levels and can promise proven results.

Our extensive services and multiple solutions for large scale needs such as those found in this sector makes us the obvious choice for your vote…

Please review some of local and state agencies MVP has served;

  • NYC Agency for Children’s Services
  • NYC Human Resources Administration
  • NYS Department of Civil Service
  • NYS Department of Corrections & Community Supervision
  • NYS Department of Education
  • NYS Department of Health
  • NYS Department of Labor
  • NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
  • NYS Department of Taxation & Finance
  • NYS Department of Transportation
  • NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services
  • NYS Division of State Police
  • NYS Office of Child and Family Services
  • NYS Office of Homeland Security
  • NYS Office of Information Technology Services
  • NYS Office of Mental Health
  • NYS Office for People Developmental Disabilities
  • NYS Office of State Comptroller
  • NYS Office of Temporary Disability Assistance
  • NYS Thruway Authority
  • Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare
  • Tarrant County, Texas
  • Texas Department of Aging & Disability Services
  • Texas Office of Attorney General


Health Care comprises one sixth of the U.S. economy and as the “baby boomers” continue to age, cost and demands for information technology will certainly increase.  As providers search for solutions to deliver the required “standard of care”, we will be there!

At MVP Consulting Plus, companies in this critical industry will be served with our experience, expertise, and proven results…

  • Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Systems integration
  • Content Development
  • Testing analysis
  • Web development
  • Medicare/Medicaid processing
  • Verification of services

Higher Education

Education is the foundation of the future, and information if the Key.  MVP Consulting Plus helps your association unlock the door to what you need now.  From data management to web development, you can count on us to set you free…

  • Project Management
  • Client Server Programming & Technical Support
  • Legacy Support
  • Program Documentation
  • Systems Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Computer Operations Implementation & Support
  • Technical Writing
  • Data Base Administration
  • Help Desk Support
  • Web Support


Financial institutions demand the latest and greatest Information Technology systems and security than perhaps any other industry. MVP Consulting Plus strives to provide the most advanced specialized solutions and services possible…

  • Brokerage
  • Claims Systems
  • Clearance and settlement
  • Credit card processing and distribution
  • CRM
  • Investment banking
  • Loan processing and distribution
  • Mortgage banking
  • Portfolio management
  • Private banking
  • Retail banking
  • Wealth management

Criminal Justice

The diverse field of criminal justice requires consistent levels of customer satisfaction. Organizations providing these important societal services need assurance that data is maintained and demands are met promptly.

MVP Consulting Plus has successfully provided solutions for this segment with some of the following services;

  • AS/400 Cobol developers
  • Custom application development
  • .Net development
  • NOC/Helpdesk analysts
  • PeopleSoft
  • Project management
  • SQL Programmers/DBAs
  • Visual Basic
  • Mainframe development
  • Program/Project management
  • Database administration
  • QA testing

Health & Human Services

Serving citizens in need and the organizations that provide assistance requires the ability to listen. MVP Consulting Plus has years of experience working with clients in the Health and Human services sector.

Working in conjunction with local, state and federal agencies, with the potential for public scrutiny, we have the ability to connect the dots.

  • Project Management
  • Client Server Programming & Technical Support
  • Legacy Support
  • Program Documentation
  • Systems Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Computer Operations Implementation & Support
  • Technical Writing
  • Data Base Administration
  • Help Desk Support
  • Web Support


Today’s manufacturers compete on a global scale and must have the ability to respond quickly to any shifts in their markets. Production capacities and inventory make this a challenging industry to serve.

MVP Consulting Plus specializes in customized solutions to assist in avoiding common pitfalls that may confront this industry. Manufacturing clients depend on our speed and scalable resources. We continue to remain flexible and responsive to these needs.

Services and solutions for our manufacturing clients include:

  • AutoCAD
  • Custom application development
  • Knowledgebase creation
  • MS Access
  • Oracle database support
  • SAS development
  • Siebel upgrades
  • Web-application development


As much as we value our PEOPLE at MVP Consulting Plus, strategic business PARTNERS are just as valuable. Technology is advancing exponentially today, and creating alliances with other cutting edge companies is part of what we do. These relationships allow MVP to offer additional services and solutions that benefit our members.

We partner with some of the most respected and credible Information Technology providers in the marketplace. Industry leaders that have developed state of the art products have agreed to align with us, so we can be your most valuable partner.