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MVP Consulting Plus
  • Values based on People

    At MVP Consulting Plus, our values are based on people...period. With our unwavering resolve to meet the needs of our consultants and clients, service comes first. 
  • Your Most Valuable Partner

    Decades of experience in information technology, combined with an emphasis on solving problems and sourcing the right people, makes MVP your most valuable player.  
  • Your Resource for Success

    From IT staffing services to Information Technology Solutions based on best of breed practices and products - MVP Consulting Plus is your Most Valuable Partner.
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jobsimageMVP Consulting Plus now lets you search for our jobs and consultant positions directly on the website. You can use our service to see our latest listings, upload your resume, register for updates on new jobs, and more. To go to our listings, click here.

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    Steve Miller Becomes New Presi...

    Steve Miller is President at MVP Consulting Plus Inc. Mr. Miller brings over 32 years of experience to MVP Consulting Plus in the sales, support and delivery of strategic IT and application management...
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    Welcome to Our Latest News

    Hello Dear Reader - we are pleased to welcome you to our Latest News, latest happenings, and industry news at MVP Consulting Plus. Please check back often as we will be updating this area regularly. A...

Company Values

At MVP Consulting Plus, our values are based on people...period. With an unwavering resolve to meet the needs of our consultants, clients, and employees, service comes first. Decades of experience in progressive technology combined with an emphasis on solving problems and sourcing the right people, makes MVP Consulting Plus your most valuable player...

  • Integrity - a company you can trust
  • Ethical - we will not compromise
  • Committed to the TEAM and focused on YOU
  • Accountable and ready to deliver excellence
  • Willing and able to adapt and grow to meet your needs
  • Experienced leadership - excellent training and support
  • Emphasis on the long term value of the company
  • Quest to expand diversity within the organization
  • Active in community - charitable contributions - non-profits
  • Environmentally conscientious 

National Minority Supplier Development Council

National Minority Supplier Development CouncilMVP Consulting Plus is a certified member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council. 


We provide the best opportunities and best benefit packages for your career...
  • Local and global recruiting
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Quality & process-driven

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MVP Consulting Plus has the resources to serve you & your business...
  • Information Technology
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  • Fortune 500's

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MVP Consulting Plus

Achieving goals and providing exceptional services & solutions for our partners is priority #1...
  • Data Management & Big Data
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Consultant Testimonials

  • I have not seen any IT consulting company who had shown the same quality and professionalism as delivered by MVP in and around Capital region.I feel MVP is a very supportive employer and they really take care of us.Archana
  • As a business partner of MVP Consulting Plus for nearly a decade, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with some of the most exceptional, truly dedicated and caring professionals of my career. A true partnership built over years of collaboration, loyalty, respect and appreciation for the great work we do and services we provide TOGETHER. I’m an MVP Consulting Plus partner because they truly care about their partners and the clients we serve. - JoAnn
  • I have been with MVP Consulting since 2009 and have had GREAT support from their ENTIRE TEAM from day one.  In fact in several instances they went ABOVE and BEYOND the terms in my contract to help me.  I don’t know of any other consulting firm that would do that.  They also keep me well informed of any administrative issues or changes in my contract including renewal deadlines.  They also have informed me of any new opportunities when they become available.
    Their great support allows me to concentrate on the work at hand as called for in the contract without having to waste a lot of time on administrative issues.
    I would give the team at MVP Consulting my highest recommendation. - John
  • I've worked for MVP Consulting Plus for the last 5 years covering 4 contracts and love the work.  The greatest PLUS for MVP is the organization’s staff. They are totally concerned to make your working experience the best, always going the extra mile and always looking out for you.  I will always MISS one of their best...Joseph Oliver....The Greatest. - Les
  • Having associated with MVP for over 10 years, I can say that MVP actually follows their stated values. The way I have been treated shows that MVP believes that "Employees Are Our Greatest Strength." Further, I see that there are numerous opportunities for professional growth for myself in the future. - Manoj
  • I love to work with MVP Consulting Plus as an independent consultant. They treat you fairly, always pay the invoices on time, and are reasonable with the contracts. I have not dealt with another company that made consulting such a smooth and pleasant experience. - Mayank
  • I have been working as a MVP consultant for over 2 years. They are very good at acquiring vendor contracts and maintain transparency about the contract renewals. - Sudha
  • I have worked for MVP since 2004, took a short break in between with another vendor but came back to MVP shortly after. I found MVP to be head and shoulders above the rest, they are professional and caring, always paying close attention to their employee and associates’ business & personal needs. I have worked with some of the well-known consultant firms in the Capital District, but none of them in my opinion comes close to the caring, personal and professional attitude of MVP. I suggest you give them a try and see for yourself. - Wayne
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Client Testimonials

  • MVP Consulting Plus provides us with High Quality and Long Term IT Consultants at very reasonable rates. This is most important to us. MVP Consulting Plus has done a very good job of providing us with outstanding consultants for our largest IT Client. We are very glad that they have partnered with our company. I strongly recommend them for their services. - John Laskey, Vice President - Enterprise Solutions Group, Infinite
  • Over the course of numerous multi-year engagements MVP Consulting Plus has been able to supply us with highly skilled professionals on very short notice. These employees have time and again worked together with our staff to insure the success of each engagement. MVP has supplied us with a full spectrum of IT specialists including project managers, business analysts legacy programmers and analysts, client server programmers and analysts, technical writers, technical specialists, trainers, helpdesk staff,  and server, network and operations support staff. We would highly recommend MVP Consulting Plus for staff augmentation and related service offerings. - Private Sector VP
  • MVP Consulting Plus has been an excellent partner. We have found their employees to be highly skilled and motivated individuals who bring their projects and assignments to a successful conclusion on time and within budget. We would unequivocally recommend them for your engagement. - Public Sector CIO
  • We have found MVP Consulting Plus to be an excellent partner.  Their employees, which are both of high quality and reasonably priced, consistently bring their deliverables in on time and within budget.  Additionally, MVP appears to be a company that is sincerely interested in the well-being of their employees.   We would strongly recommend MVP for your engagement. - Public Sector CIO
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